Parish Information

    Patients in Hospitals:  If you know of anyone in hospital who would like     a visit from the chaplain, please use the following numbers:-

    QMC - 0115 9249924 (Chaplaincy ext 63799).  

    The City Hospital  - 0115 9691169 (Chaplaincy ext 56616)

    or contact Sr. Aine on 07784822948.   

    Alternatively, have a word with Fr Paul or Fr Jonathan.

    Sacramental Policy

    Baptism: Parents wishing to have their babies or young children                 baptized please contact, any of Clare Soar (0115 952 2991), Fr Paul or     Fr Jonathan.

    Adults seeking Baptism or wanting to find out more about the Catholic     Faith, please contact Fr Paul or Fr Jonathan.

    Marriage: Couples wishing to marry are required to give at least six             months’ notice. See Fr Paul or Fr Jonathan.

    Communion to the Sick and Housebound: If you know of anyone who     is unable to get to Mass and would like Communion at home, contact         one of our Special Ministers of the Eucharist or have a word with Fr             Paul or Fr Jonathan.


    Our Lady & St Edward CVA: 0115 915 5800.

    The Becket School CVA: 0115 982 4280.

    The Trinity Catholic Secondary School CVA: 0115 929 6251.

    Christ the King CVA 0115 955 6262.